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Why We Love our Sausages

The industry of making small-batch, all-natural, artisanal sausage in the butcher shop is not a new phenomenon. Before modern mass manufacturing techniques became widespread all sausages were made in small batches with completely natural meat ingredients herbs,spices and casings. We are proud to say that all our sausage recipes have been handed down through generations and remain true to this traditional methodology. The main reason that  sausages were made in the first place was out of necessity to preserve fresh meat!!!
We have a variety of sausage flavours ranging from our famous award winning Herterich traditional pork to many specialty gourmet recipes that we use and indeed that our customers have shared with us over the years. Our sausages are truly delicious and there is a flavor for everyone with a very high meat content! .Why not try or sinless sausage, made with couscos and 100% lean pork as a real tasty and very healthy option.
herterich-butcher-sausagesSome of our range includes but is not limited to the following which are available to buy online:
Traditional Pork
Honey and Mustard
Pork and Apple
Cocktail Sausages
Thick Sausages