Garth Brooks Hysteria

He may have ‘Friends in Low Places’ but Garth Brooks has friends in high places too – Longford for one I think, as I view the loyal queue of fans waiting patiently outside Longford’s Music Centre to secure their tickets for one of three long anticipated gigs in Croke Park later this year. The excitement is infectious and as they recover from two days – and nights – of lengthy queuing in the bitter cold, where else do they come to warm up their cold weary bodies but the centrally located Herterich’s Artisan Meats Store on nearby Ballymahon Street where they can choose from hot coffee, mocha, cappuccino, a full Irish breakfast featuring Herterich’s legendary sausages or simply a cup of steaming tea – perfect to celebrate their feat and share their success!

In Longford news I see that 29 jobs are to go at the Abbott Diagnostics plant – The international medical diagnostics company announced 78 voluntary redundancies between its various branches recently.

Meanwhile former Longford Fianna Fail stalwart Mary Lillis from Drumlish alleged that the majority of females making it to the higher ranks of the party are the children or close relatives of former Oireachtas members! Lillis herself 
resigned from the Fianna Fail National Executive and will run as an independent candidate in this year’s local elections. 

She expressed the view that there is not enough support for women in politics and that the only women being promoted in FF those with strong political links. Controversial views? You decide…

But back to Herterich’s famous sausages – succulent and tasty – did you know

there are actually eight different specialities available?

Traditional Pork,
Honey and Mustard,
Pork and Apple,
Cocktail and
Thick Sausages. There are also ‘sinless sausages’, made with couscos and 100% lean pork.

The industry of making small-batch, all-natural, artisanal sausage in the butcher shop is not new – before modern mass manufacturing techniques became widespread, all sausages were made in small batches with completely natural meat ingredients herbs, spices and casings. Herterich’s are proud to say that all their sausage recipes have been handed down through generations and remain true to this traditional methodology.  

And you can actually pre order a batch of sausages, using your very own recipe! Herterich’s invite you to fill out a recipe form and for a minimum order of 5kg will manufacture your batch, even offering you a choice of skin type – and ensuring that your secret recipe stays secret as it should be!! 

 If you would like Herterich’s to make any international variety for you, just drop them a line at Subject to a minimum order of 5kgs they would bedelighted to manufacture for you.

Here at Herterich’s Artisan Meats 40 Ballymahon Street Longford some of the best treats of the week include their second Wholesale Sunday on this Sunday March 9th with quality meats at crazy prices.

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