Variety Meat Bargain Bundles

Our meat value bundles include BBQ special packs and South African Texan steaks. Our BBQ packs include burgers, gourmet sausages, chicken fillets, and spicy sausage. Our popular South African Texan steak is a type of spicy meat popular in South Africa, Texas, and now in Ireland.

Shop our healthy meat value bundles, including a variety of food for fitness packages and family meat packs.

Herterich artisan butchers are dedicated to maintaining our traditional techniques and recipes, which have been part of our family business for over 100 years. We select the best cuts from local farm suppliers and use traditional techniques to prepare and maintain our high standards. We also aim to provide our customers with value and ease of use. For this reason, we have transitioned to an online store model to serve more customers nationwide. We also provide fantastic meat bundles, meaning our customers get higher value for less.